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Aims & Objectives

Our Vision

PlayBoard’s vision is of ‘A society where the right to play is realised.’

Our Mission

Our mission is “Driving the Play Agenda’; ensuring that at every level of decision making across society the child’s right to play is not only recognised but is made a reality within the lives of children, young people, families and communities.

PlayBoard’s Aims & Objectives

Aim 1: Advocate Play for Social and Political and Personal Change

  • OB 1.1 : Provide an effective voice for Play
  • OB 1.2 : Inform and influence decision making at all levels
  • OB 1.3 : Grow an evidence base for play and practice

Aim 2: Lead on Quality in Play and Practice

  • OB 2.1 : Establish best practice in Play
  • OB 2.2 : Support and promote sustainable qualifications as identified by the Sector Skills Body for Playwork
  • OB 2.3 : Promote and Deliver high quality accessible training, education and professional development opportunities

Aim 3: Organisational Growth and Development

  • OB 3.1 : Ensure PlayBoard is Fit for Purpose
  • OB 3.2 : Move towards organisational sustainablity
  • OB 3.2 : Foster an inclusive and engaged membership body

For a copy of our Strategic Trajectory click here