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Ideas For Play

Here are some fun ideas for play that we have come up with ourselves or have come across while out working face to face in different settings i.e. afterschools, primary schools etc., see what you think!

Below are some photos of when the
PlayBoard Yarn Bombed
our outdoor
space…nice, isn’t it? 

Below are some fairy gardens we
discovered out visiting our 
members settings

Below are some images of a fairy 
garden one of our members of staff
created at home.

290744_458189527549086_982525766_o IMG_2417 20160528_190413
290757_458186704216035_2144057798_o IMG_2419 20160528_190441
331208_458184640882908_651333127_o IMG_2429 20160528_190432
468452_458189737549065_1822001581_o IMG_2415 - Copy 20160528_190533

If you have any images you would like to share so people can get some inspiring play ideas….just get in touch