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Playing Out

Playing Out – How can the public realm support better outcomes for children’s holistic development?

Concerns are mounting about the health and well-being of our nation, so much so, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fit and Healthy Childhood initiated a report on Play. Launched on October 15, the report outlines recommendations to promote play throughout childhood. Other recommendations in the report recognise the vital importance of Play for child development and the creation of enabling environments that promote play opportunities.

So with all that in mind, PlayBoard hosted a Conference in November on Play  called ‘Playing Out – How can the public realm support better outcomes for children’s holistic development’ which included presentations from a variety of speakers all with a strong background and knowledge of Play and its benefits.

A report on the Conference proceedings and an overview of the workshop discussions is available to download by clicking here

You can view all the speakers presentations here and they can be downloaded by clicking on the title:

Koulla Yiasouma, N.I Commissioner for Children and Young People – ‘All children and Young People have the right to play’  

Dr Michael McBride, N.I Chief Medical Officer – ‘The game-changer for health adults’

Dr Tony Cassidy, Chair of the Division of Health Psychology at the British Psychological Society – ‘Children’s play pattern and opportunities: a factor in adult health’

Paul McTernan, Technical Director, Planning and Regeneration, SLR Consulting – ‘What might a playful public realm look like? Time for systemic change

Harry Harbottle, Consultant in Play and Risk Management – ‘The old adage – time and permission to play’

Professor Laura Lundy, Queens – School of Education – ‘Getting it right: listening to and acting upon the view of children and young people’ (not available yet but please check back soon)

Peter McCartney, Curriculum Area Manager for Childhood Studies and Counselling at Belfast Met – ‘What makes playWORK?’