Play Matters – The Pros And Cons Of Using Technology For Play

PlayBoard NI is delighted to be working in partnership with the Department of Education on their exciting Play Matters programme.

The campaign aims to ensure that policy makers, practitioners and parents understand that play is a vital part of childhood and is necessary for children and young people’s overall healthy development.

The key beneficiaries of the project will include children and young people, parents, families and wider communities.


All children and young people need to play and it is an integral and fundamental aspect of childhood and is essential in contributing to the healthy development and well-being of individuals. Through play children explore, imagine and make sense of the world around them, from birth right through to teenage years.


Until March 2019 Play Matters will concentrate on a number of themes that highlight the importance of play and this month we look at ‘screen time’ – the amount of time that children and young people spend using mobile phones and tablets, playing on games consoles and watching television.

While there are educational benefits to children who use tablets and the internet, overuse of technology can have a negative effect on a child and more children and young people are turning to technology for entertainment than traditional types of outdoor play.

Click on the following article ‘Playing with technology; is it all bad?’, to see how academic professionals examine the pros and cons of using technology for play and advise parents and guardians on how to strike a balance to ensure technology isn’t the only tool that children and young people use for play.

We think it is really important for everyone to be aware of the Play Matters themes and would encourage you all to share them throughout the year. You can follow us on twitter @playboard_  @Education_NI or find us on  facebook ‘Playboard NI’ and you can use the hashtag #playmatters when you post your own events online.

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