PlayBoard Free Membership

To all our supporters and Play Advocates everywhere

PlayBoard’s Membership is now Free!   Good news to everyone who advocates play, as our organisational membership will be available to you FREE of Charge.  We have taken this bold step as we believe our representative body needs to be stronger and louder in our efforts to promote the important role of play throughout childhood.  Increasing our voice and reach is one of our strategic organisational goals, we believe we can further build consensus and increase awareness of the importance of play, playing and playfulness by increasing our membership voice.  Additionally, we believe support for play in all areas will be greatly enhanced through a more engaged and collaborative membership community.

Patricia Lewsley-Mooney Chairperson of PlayBoard, said, “our organisational vision is to create a society where the right to play is realised, in order to succeed we need to encourage, engage, strengthen and unite our membership.    By making membership free, we believe will be able to widen the Play community and build upon the progress we have made so far.   We want to encourage collaborative learning and sharing and we are keen to work through our membership to drive efficiency and share best practice locally nationally and internationally”.

Pass the good news on – anyone with an interest in children and childhood or interested in the Child’s Right to Play will eligible to join and add support our organisational mission – To Drive the Play Agenda

You can find out more about the benefits of PlayBoard membership by clicking here.

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