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Government Departments

A key aspect of PlayBoard’s advocacy activity over the past 30 years has been working to ensure that government departments recognise the importance of play and ensure that the policies they develop enhance children’s opportunities to play within the community.

In supporting departments to achieve this goal we have provided a range of services, all aimed at ensuring that the play needs of children and young people are central to the policy development process.  These services have, and continue to include:

  • The provision of advice and guidance on the likely implications of policy direction on both children’s right to play and their opportunity to play.
  • The completion of widespread policy consultations with children people using a play based approach, ensuring that they have a say in key policies including the Executives Play and Leisure Policy, Child Poverty Strategy and Childcare Strategy.
  • The focused testing of policy proposals with our Young Researcher group enabling direct feedback on the likely implications of policies on the right to play and play opportunities.

For further information on any of the above services, or to discuss how we could help to meet the specific play needs of your department or branch of government please contact:

Alan Herron
Director of Service Delivery and Development
PlayBoard NI
7 Crescent Gardens
Tel: 028 90803380