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Aims & Objectives

Our Vision

A society where the right to play is both valued and realised.

Our Mission

Leading the Play Agenda.

Our Core Values

PlayBoard’s core values help to define us as an organisation, guiding our behaviour, underpinning our operational delivery and shaping the strategies we will pursue.

  1. We believe that play is a fundamental right of childhood and is central to children and young people’s development
  2. We recognise, respect and value the voices of children and young people, putting their play needs at the core of everything that we do;
  3. We value and welcome the views of others and are committed to working collectively to drive the play agenda;
  4. We Respect and Embrace Difference;
  5. We welcome challenge and embrace change;
  6. We support, value and respect each other.

Our Aims, Objectives and Outcomes

Be the authoritative voice for play


  • 1.1: To advocate for play;
    The knowledge, conditions and actions unpinning policy will be better informed about the importance of resourcing and planning for play this will result in improved outcomes for children and young people
  • 1.2: To Build our Evidence based on practice and experience;
    The knowledge base for play will be enhanced this will inform better planning, improved service delivery. Evidence will shape and inform policy decisions and spend.
  • 1.3: To Strengthen our Voice;
    The Play volume will be turned up! More people will be aware of the benefits of play and this in turn will drive demand for better improved services.

Promote quality in play and playwork practice


  • 2.1: To develop and deliver a quality framework suitable for a number sectoral contexts;
    Improved play practice and quality play experiences for children
  • 2.2: To promote and develop the playwork workforce;
    Professional recognition for play work across the children’s sector.
  • 2.3: To Deliver Playwork;
    Improved play practice and better opportunities for children.

Increase and improve opportunities for play


  • 3.1: Work with Councils, Schools and Childcare settings to enhance understanding and knowledge of play and play work;
    Better Play experiences and opportunities for all children in particular children with disabilities or additional needs.
  • 3.2: Develop strategic alliances, collaborations and new partners to promote the health and inclusion benefits of play e.g. PHA, disability sector;
    PlayBoard will achieve cross sectoral apperception and investment in play.
  • 3.3: Enhance cross boarder profile to share learning and develop new relationships and partnerships;
    Increased profile for PlayBoard and greater opportunities for play in the Republic of Ireland.

PlayBoard’s organisational growth and development


  • 4.1: Advance PlayBoard’s economic growth;
    PlayBoard will be a strong confident fit for purpose organisation with strengthened profile and reach.
  • 4.2: Develop PlayBoard’s competence, capability and capacity;
    PlayBoard will be outcome informed and outcome based in its decision making.
  • 4.3: Enhance Organisational leadership, culture and growth;
    PlayBoard have strong leadership, management and decision making structures.