The NI Executive have announced that all outdoor playgrounds can re-open from 10 July 2020. With a view to reducing levels of risk parents and children visiting playgrounds are asked to adhere to the following:

1. Closed Play Parks

If the play park you wish to use has not yet been officially reopened, please do not attempt to use or access the equipment.

2. Secured Equipment

In some cases, pieces of play equipment may have been secured to prevent their use on safety grounds. If an item has been secured to prevent use do not attempt to remove temporary barriers or use the equipment.

3. Social Distancing

When visiting a play park make sure that you follow current government guidance on social distancing, encourage and support your children to do the same and keep a safe distance from others not in your household/social bubble.

4. Busy Play Parks

Given that they are reopening for the first time in 3 months play parks may be busier than usual. If the play park is busy, consider coming back at a later time and let your child know in advance that this may be a possibility to avoid disappointment.

5. Hand Washing

Wash your hands and your children’s hands before and after visiting the play park. Take hand sanitiser with you and ensure you and your child use it frequently whilst in the play park.

6. Waste Management

Make sure that any disposable tissues, PPE equipment etc. is disposed of in the litter bins provided or, if one is not available take it home for disposal.

7. Be Sensible

If you or anyone in your household are showing any Coronavirus symptoms, stay home and do not visit the play park.