Belfast City Council is running Employment Academies providing specialist training to help people find employment. The Council is working with a range of employers from across Belfast to fill a range of posts.

The Playwork Employment Academy and Playwork Career Development Academy are currently up and running, with new ones planned to run later in the year.

The Academies are a fantastic opportunity for people to gain qualifications or experience normally needed to get a job in Playwork and for those already employed, to progress in their careers.

If You Have Playwork Vacancies We Want To Hear From You

Let us know when you have vacancies and we will help match your vacancy to a potential applicant and help with your interview to recruit them.

The programme is being run by People 1st, email or Peter at PlayBoard NI, email

Get Involved Now To Upskill Your Employees And Gain Access To New Talent!

For more information on the Academies go to: