Covid-19 has impacted heavily on group settings since March 2020. Early Years – the organisation for young children and PlayBoard are conducting a further survey to understand the current impact that Covid-19 (and in particular the Omicron strain) is having within the sector and the sustainability concerns many group settings are facing as a direct result of the pandemic.

While there is no guarantee of any future funding, we are undertaking this survey to provide feedback to the Department of Education to demonstrate the sustainability concerns that are currently being faced by group settings. This information needs to be with the Department by the end of this week. Therefore, we would appreciate a response by 1pm on Thursday 20 January.

The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and will assist us in providing an overview of some of the considerations group settings are experiencing. All information will be anonymised before a collective report is developed.

Please go to to complete for your School Age Childcare setting. Thank you.