Parenting NI have shared the results from their Big Parenting Survey 2019 which surveyed 1,358 parents across Northern Ireland last year.

The charity reports that the biggest challenges for parents are:

Mental Health – 18%
Technology – 18%
Changes To Society – 12%
Peer Pressure – 11%
Money – 9%

Other stand out statistics from the report are:

82% of parents do not feel they get enough support

30% of parents do not think their children can achieve their hopes in Northern Ireland

69% of parents are more worried than hopeful about the future

A high proportion of those surveyed (77%) reported that technology has a significant impact on the well-being of their children, with 70% feeling technology was difficult for them to monitor and 40% saying they didn’t receive enough support on this issue.

Read the Big Parenting Survey 2019 Executive Summary

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