The Northern Ireland branch of the International Play Association (IPA NI) have shared helpful advice for parents during the current crisis.

The message for parents highlights the importance of play at any time, but especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Play is natural and therapeutic and allows children to work through how they feel at times when they’re understandably anxious, scared and worried.

Play is good for the heart! Read IPA NI’s new publication and find out why a little CPR is necessary to protect children’s well-being.

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The International Play Association (IPA) has developed the IPA Play in Crisis: Support for Parents and Carers resources which provides parents and carers with information and ideas to support children’s play. Topics included are the importance of playing in times of crisis and how to respond to children’s play needs, children playing with difficult themes of loss, death and loneliness, play when you can’t go outside and messy play at home. Go to

IPA NI is a branch of IPA World which aims to initiate a wide variety of projects that promote the child’s right to play. These include seminars, conferences, study tours, research, publications, playground design, playwork training and the organisation of play programs and Play Days. Go to for more information and to sign up for membership, and follow on Facebook & Twitter