World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October and is an opportunity to highlight the importance of good mental health and well-being for everyone, including children.

Play is crucial to children’s healthy development and happiness. It is the most natural way for children to learn, grow and develop and make sense of the world and their place within in.

The benefits of play are numerous and include:

  • Healthy brain development

  • Fit and active bodies
  • Cognitive agility and learning

  • Emotional regulation and strength

  • Inquisitive minds

  • Making friends

  • Recognising and addressing conflict

  • Developing problem-solving skills and assessing risk

  • Boosting creativity and innovation

Play Builds Children

Play helps children grow emotionally, providing an outlet for stress and anxiety whilst being fun!

Through play children can develop resilience, the ability to bounce back after getting knocked down. Being resilient helps us all cope with setbacks and disappointments throughout life. Making time for play every day can assist children in developing this essential life skill.

Play is vital for children’s mental health and well-being. Download the information sheet on how you can help nurture your child’s mental health through play

For World Mental Health Day on 10 October Heads Together have produced a toolkit that includes animations, activities, lesson plans and posters to help primary schools get involved. To download go to