The International Play Association (IPA) has translated their Play in Crisis series (2020), originally developed in response to the coronavirus pandemic, into Ukrainian. The information sheet is based on their play research in situations of crisis and disaster. The advice is suitable for playing at home, in temporary accommodation, shelters, and playing while staying at the homes of friends and relatives.

Translations in Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian will be available soon.

Go to Ukrainian version.

Go to English version.

The importance of playing during a crisis

“Playing helps children stay physically and mental well. It is an everyday part of a healthy and happy childhood. Play is just as important during a crisis … it helps your child manage their emotions and maintain a sense that everything is and can be ok.

During a crisis, playing is your child’s way to:
* stay emotionally healthy
* stay physically active, getting some exercise
* relax and forget about worries
* make sense of any new experiences and changes in their world
* cope with feelings that are difficult or frightening.”