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Play Matters: Space, Place and Permission to Play

Space, place and permission are interrelated factors that have a significant impact on children’s play experiences. Due to an array of environmental, technological and societal factors, opportunities for children to play freely outdoors are on the decline.

The relationship between environmental opportunities for play and the wind fall benefits to children’s development and well-being has been researched and studied, the findings are clear – playing, particularly playing outdoors is good for both body and mind.

The environment we provide for children and the messages we emit, be they overt or subliminal, crucially influence the way children play and learn. Having a designated place to play or access to play space is fantastic, but without permission, all the space and time in the world is worthless.

PlayBoard’s 2018 conference ‘Play Matters: space, place and permission to play’ recognises the importance of outdoor play for young children’s healthy growth, learning and development.

Attend this year’s conference and explore how the voluntary sector, local authorities and statutory partners are working together to improve the provision and delivery of play.

Date: Tuesday October 16 2018
Venue: Riddel Hall, Stranmillis, Belfast.
Time: 9am – 4pm

Input from a diverse range of speakers from the fields of play, education, health, psychology, and environmental design shall encourage conference attendees to have a better understanding of the interrelatedness of space, place and permission to play.

Play has the unique quality of adding joy to our lives. Our conference will explore how you can add quality and variety to the play and learning opportunities of children and young people in Northern Ireland and beyond.

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