The countdown to Playday 2020 is on!

In the run up to Playday on 5 August, PlayBoard is counting down our top three play props. These are everyday items or loose parts that we can all find at home or in the garden which can be used in lots of different ways for lots of fun!

In at number 3 (drumroll please!) we have … the cardboard tube!

This isn’t just any old toilet roll or kitchen roll tube. With a little imagination and creativity it can be transformed into a superhero cuff, worn on a mission to save the planet; a dancing puppet putting on a show; or even a telescope on the search for lost treasure.

PlayBoard's Top Play Props 9

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At number 2 it’s … a stick!

Loose parts, or free and found items such as a stick are items that children can play with in a flexible way. The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong way to use them – let children add their own imagination! Many age-appropriate loose parts or natural items can be found at home or in the garden, read more in our Play Matters information sheet, Playing with stuff around the home.

PlayBoard's Top Play Props 10

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And the winner of PlayBoard’s Top Play Prop, at number 1 it’s … the cardboard box!

A simple box can be a great tool for unstructured play, allowing children to use their imagination, develop their creativity, and boost their resourcefulness and problem solving skills. A simple box can be transformed into a hideout, a space ship, and much more, all the while allowing children to develop a whole range of important skills, contributing to their healthy growth and development.

PlayBoard's Play Props 12

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Have a look at our ideas for using the play props, but remember the best ideas come from our own imaginations!

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Find out more about how you can join others across the UK in Making a Big Noise for Playday from your doorstep at 2:00pm on Wednesday 5 August.