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  • This resource will give you a better understanding of the need for play and the importance of being creative and inclusive when planning, designing and implementing outdoor play space. Whilst Space to Play is primarily focused on outdoor play space development within registered childcare settings many of the underlying principles and approaches outlined are transferable to a range of wider settings. The publication is intended to inform all sequential stages of development for any outdoor play project.
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    Free for all users until the 25th May 2023. Play is an essential part of children’s lives and is vital to their development. The importance of play in contributing to the health and well-being of children, extending through childhood and beyond, is universally acknowledged. As an essential ingredient to the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development of children, play provides a mechanism for them to explore the world around them, develop and practice skills. This resource has been developed to inspire you to provide and create playful opportunities for children in your care. Remember to always follow the latest health advice at
  • Developed primarily to support the growth, development and sustainability of registered School Age Childcare services, this first introductory document is a useful ‘go to’ resource for those interested in both establishing and maintaining quality in all aspects of their School Age Childcare service. As part of an overall suite of good practice guides, this document provides a holistic overview, whilst signposting the reader to more specific and detailed information on relevant business related subject matters.
  • It is well evidenced that the provision of School Age Childcare services contributes significantly to the delivery of tangible outcomes for both children and their families. Availability of affordable School Age Childcare within an area supports parents to access employment and training opportunities; contributes to wider economic regeneration; supports the alleviation of social deprivation; and promotes inclusion at all levels.
  • The guidance contained in this document will provide information on how to develop your financial procedures so that they are in line with best practice. Applying such practice will ensure that the good financial management and accounting practices that are essential for the organisation’s success are in place, thus providing reassurances to both the Management Committee and your Funders.
  • The management of business functions ‘looking after the business’ is best served when it is shared by skilled people who have both expertise and experience. This group of people are often referred to as the business’s management team and, as is common in all business practice, the oversight of business matters will normally sit with one individual who has been designated to take on the lead role. This person will have overall responsibility for ensuring the management team work effectively and that the business meets its desired objectives.
  • The success of any School Age Childcare setting will be determined by the skills of its staff and quality of its workforce. To achieve long-term sustainability it is essential that settings offer quality childcare to children and families and that alongside this they have good quality business practices. In the School Age Childcare sector this includes caring for children, communicating with parents, managing staff, handling finance and administration and making sure that the business generates sufficient income to cover costs and make a surplus. This guide will help Management Committees and senior staff to get the balance right.
  • Marketing is one of the most important activities of a successful School Age Childcare service. Most aspects of your childcare business will depend upon successful marketing. The overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Marketing is a process by which a childcare service is introduced and promoted to potential clients (i.e. parents/carers and children). Without marketing, your business may offer the best childcare service, but none of your potential clients would know about it.
  • Policies and procedures provide the framework within which School Age Childcare services operate. They are essential for the smooth running of the business and for the welfare of all involved including the Trustees or Board of Directors, staff, children, young people and parents or carers. Whether you are an existing School Age Childcare provider who wants to review and strengthen your policies and procedures or a new provider developing them for the first time, this document will assist you to understand the critical role they play within your setting.
  • This suite of good practice guides have been developed to assist both new and existing childcare providers to establish good practice benchmarks. Information provided in each guide aligns with appropriate and relevant legislative requirement and supports the development of best practice on a specific area of service development or improvement.
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