Councils have historically had a significant role in meeting the play needs of children and young people across Northern Ireland.  Over the past 30 years PlayBoard has supported local government, providing guidance and support across a variety of areas ranging from the delivery of play projects to the completion of community consultations and the development of play strategies.
The establishment of the new 11 council structure under RPA presents significant challenges for councils as they seek to meet play need, not least the introduction of community planning and the need to ensure that children and young people are involved actively in the decisions that impact upon their play.

How can we Support You?

As the lead organisation for play in Northern Ireland, PlayBoard are able to offer a range of services to local government, all of which can enhance your ability to meet the play needs of children and young people.  These include:

  GIS Mapping and Demographic Analysis of Play Need: Mapping fixed play provision and underlying demographic patterns is an essential first step in establishing a strategic approach to meeting play need.  PlayBoard are able to offer a GIS Mapping and demographic analysis Service supporting you to make informed decisions regarding both current and future play requirements.
 Comunity Consultation Community Consultation on Play and Play Need: Before investing in fixed play it is critical to have a clear understanding of community views on a range of issues including proposed location, play type and the level of local demand.  PlayBoard’s experience in developing and delivering community consultation surveys and events can help to ensure you have the all the information you need to meet play need whilst maximising the impact of capital investment in fixed play.
 Consultation with C&YP Consultation with Children and Young: Ensuring that planned play provision meets the needs of those at which it is aimed requires consultation and engagement with children and young people.  PlayBoard’s expertise in working with children and young people of all ages makes us ideally placed to capture the views and ideas of children ensuring that play development meets their needs.
 Play Strategy Dev Play Strategy Development: PlayBoard have been to the fore in driving the play agenda regionally and locally for many years, playing a central role in the development of the Executive and local government play strategies.  Given our unique expertise, we are able to support councils to develop coherent play strategies that meet the needs of children and young people and deliver for play.
 Play Training Play Training: PlayBoard are able to offer a suite of bespoke play training aimed at supporting providers to best meet play need.  Our training covers a range of areas including enhancing outdoor play, delivering physical and creative play opportunities and applying a ‘Risk Benefit’ approach to play delivery.  We work across all sectors and are able to tailor training to meet the needs of multiple roles and functions within council and beyond;
 Play Project Delivery Play Project Development and Delivery: With extensive experience in developing and delivering play projects within communities, PlayBoard are able to offer a range of innovative approaches to meeting play need including Street Play and Open/Green Spaces Play.  Our fully trained and experienced Play Development Officers are able to work with communities to enhance local play opportunities, transforming drab locations into places of play!
 Bespoke Consultancy Bespoke Consultancy: Not sure what specific type of support you need or what would be most effective approach?  PlayBoard are able to offer a bespoke consultancy service aimed at meeting your unique requirements as they relate to all aspects of play and play provision.  For a no obligations discussion about your needs please contact PlayBoard’s Director of Service Delivery and Development, Alan Herron.

For further information on any of the above services, or to discuss how we could help to meet the specific play needs of your area please contact:

Alan Herron
Director of Service Delivery and Development
PlayBoard NI
7 Crescent Gardens
Tel: 028 90803380