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Play Awareness sessions for parents, funded by the EITP Play Matters project is now open for expressions of interest.

We are keen to target general parent groups and those ‘harder to reach’ parents such as parents identified as needing further support in terms of their play awareness, skills or confidence.

PlayBoard NI’s Play Awareness sessions for Parents are designed specifically for parents and carers. This half-day Play Awareness session will strengthen parents understanding of play and its importance to the growth and development of their children. They will also gain practical ideas which they can incorporate into their homes or local community to enhance opportunities for play.

The Session Aims To Help Parents:

  • Better understand the importance of play for children and young people’s holistic health and wellbeing.

  • Explore how play facilitates attachment and builds relationships between children and parents.

  • Have a greater understanding of the range of play types, their importance in terms of supporting growth and development; and how children and a variety of play types can be supported within home/community settings.

  • Explore the role of the adult parent/carer in the play process and how parents can best facilitate play in a way that meets their child’s needs.

  • Understand the importance of risk and challenge for the development of resilience, independence and life skills.

  • Gain practical play ideas that can be applied within the home and/or local community to enhance opportunities for play.

In addition to the areas identified above, sessions can explore a range of issues pertinent to the specific needs of each group i.e. inclusive play etc.

What Are The Benefits Of The Session?

The session covers a wide variety of topics and participants will gain practical tips and ideas for play opportunities for their children.

The Play Training sessions are delivered by a group of occupationally competent Playwork Tutors from Belfast Met and People 1st.

Play For Parents Programme

The Play for Parents programme is part of the overall ‘Play Matters’ initiative which is being facilitated by PlayBoard NI in collaboration with the Department of Education.

The programme is funded by the Early Intervention Transformation Programme (EITP).

The aim of the programme is to provide parents and the professionals who work with them, the knowledge and understanding of the many benefits of play in relation to children’s growth and development through play.

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss your booking requirements for the Play for Parents programme, please contact Karen Witherspoon at:

or call: 02890 803380

Download the Play For Parents information leaflet:

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This programme is supported by an number of consortium organisations:

People 1st, Belfast Met, Parenting NI, Early Years, NICMA, NIACRO, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Homestart and Women’s Aid.

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