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PlayBoard is the lead organisation for children’s play in Northern Ireland, dedicated to improving children’s lives by increasing their opportunity to play. PlayBoard promotes the child’s right to play and their right to access quality play opportunities through development support, training, partnership working, networking, advocating and membership.

PlayBoard’s Pathways to Excellence – Quality Assurance Toolkit was developed to assist playworkers in monitoring, evaluating and improving the delivery of their services for children and young people and to enable all those who work with children to contribute effectively to quality play opportunities for them.

A Commitment To Quality

For children, play and childcare services provide them with space to play freely with friends, to relax and to participate in a wide range of activities if they wish to do so. Parents will benefit from School Age Childcare services that have been assessed and recognised as providing a quality provision. The peace of mind they receive from knowing their child is being cared for in a safe, stimulating and welcoming environment is immeasurable.

PlayBoard’s Pathways to Excellence resource is currently under review as we align the resource to Minimum Standards for Childminding and Daycare. Our new toolkit will set out clear and defined standards of quality for all aspects of School Age Childcare services; including legislative requirements as identified in Minimum Standards – Quality of Care; Quality of Staffing, Management & Leadership; Quality of the Physical Environment; Quality of Monitoring & Evaluation and Policies and Procedures. The resource will support practitioner self-evaluation and critical reflection.

The aim of “Pathways to Excellence” is to create and maintain an infrastructure of quality in School Age Childcare that ensures the holistic, healthy development of children, take account of the varied, highly complex and multifaceted play needs of children.

It is anticipated the scheme will greatly assist ongoing registration and inspection processes and support best practice in play based School age Childcare settings.

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