PlayBoard’s Youth@Play project builds on the capacity of youth workers to facilitate play in youth centres for their younger members.

This summer, the Youth@Play team are supporting youth workers across the sector by sharing weekly resources – PLAYmails packed with ideas, and short webinars with advice on making 2022 the best summer of play in youth settings across Northern Ireland. 

Click on the links below to watch the webinars on our YouTube channel.

Stayed tuned for more tips and tricks in the Summer of Play series from the Youth@Play team!

The roll out of the Youth@Play programme across Northern Ireland has begun. Level 2 and Level 3 training ‘Playwork in a youth work setting’ is now available for full and part-time youth workers in statutory and voluntary settings across all Council areas. The programme recognises the value of enhancing the play offer in youth settings, particularly for the younger members. 

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Youth@Play is funded by the Department of Education through the Education Authority.