Registered, play-based school-age childcare services

Play is at the core of the developmental process

All children want and need to play. Play is fundamental to a healthy and happy childhood, and the right to play is included in the UN’s statement of children’s rights (UNCRC – Article 31). It is through play that children have fun whilst developing intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.

Play is nature’s superpower … practitioners are the superheroes!

Many children attend registered, play-based childcare settings. Childcare settings provide an essential service for parents and families. These settings provide developmentally rich environments where exciting play can happen. Children who attend after-school settings are cared for by dedicated staff who prioritise play and allow children the time and space to connect with friends, and enjoy a wide range of playful, fun opportunities.

Join us

This autumn, we are celebrating the essential work undertaken by both Bright Start funded settings and the wider childcare sector in general. The campaign will culminate in a day of celebration on World Children’s Day (20 November). Groups are encouraged to get involved in their setting on the day.

Join us on social media over the coming weeks as we celebrate Bright Start funded settings and the wider childcare sector, the dedicated staff, and the play-based childcare they offer. Follow the campaign hashtags #CelebratingBrightStart and #CelebratingPlay and follow PlayBoard on:

PlayBoard delivers advice, support and training to the School-Age Childcare sector across Northern Ireland whilst also providing targeted support to groups who are funded through the NI Executive’s Bright Start School Age Childcare programme. Read more about play in childcare.