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Are you passionate about children and childhood? If your answer is yes, then by becoming a member of PlayBoard, you will be taking direct action to promote and protect a key aspect of childhood – the child’s right to play. As we seek to bring about positive change for play across Northern Ireland, you will be standing shoulder to shoulder with us, adding your voice to our advocacy, lobbying and campaigning activity. There is great strength in a strong, coherent, collective voice promoting and upholding the child’s right to play.

‘Advocacy is the pursuit of influencing outcomes — including public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions — that directly affect people’s current lives’ – (Cohen, 2001)

PlayBoard is Northern Ireland’s leading representative body for play.  As a membership affiliated organisation, we offer a wide range of advice, information and practice development services to a diverse membership body.

Our members play a pivotal part in driving change for the future of play and playwork. Become a member today and join a community of like-minded play supporters.

Why Become A Member?

  • Take direct action to promote and protect the child’s right to play

  • Help make Northern Ireland a more play friendly place for children to live and grow up in

  • Keep up to date on play issues, news and campaigns

  • Contribute to our mission

  • Membership is free and open to all with an interest in play and our work

Role Of Members

As a member you play a vital role ensuring we remain relevant and fit for purpose.  From our governance arrangements and strategic direction through to our engagements and service delivery systems we listen intently to what our members have to say.  Underpinned by a strong value base we work hard to maintain our members’ trust and support.

Our membership provides us with a direct link to children’s issues and the important issues which need addressed.

Who Can Become A Member?

We welcome all our members and in particular those in local councils and schools whom provide a vital conduit for promoting the value of play whilst facilitating the organisation’s direct engagement with statutory structures.

PlayBoard’s current membership is drawn from across the voluntary, community, statutory, private and public sectors, as well as individuals and organisations sharing their support to shape the future for play.

Join us and add your voice to our membership body to help make Northern Ireland a more play friendly place to live and grow up in.

As part of the membership process, all members of PlayBoard NI are asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions  and endorse the Northern Ireland Play and Leisure Policy.

In Return For This Commitment We Undertake To:

  • Lobby government on your behalf, alert you to key government consultations and see your input to the consultation responses we develop;

  • Keep you informed of new development and research, funding opportunities and national and international development in the world of play through our regular E-Play newsletter;

  • Offer you free access to all PlayBoard cluster events and other information sessions;

  • Provide discounted membership rates on PlayBoard’s publications;

  • Provide discounted membership rates for conferences; and

  • Provide discounted membership rates for PlayBoard events.

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Become A PlayBoard Member

Become A PlayBoard Member – it’s Free!

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Individual Membership

For parents, carers, guardians, those working with or on behalf of children, and those supporting the child’s right to play.

Extreme Sports Waterboarding

Organisation Membership

For organisations committed to assisting children and young people reach their full potential through activities that support the child’s right to play, as well as those in the public, private, voluntary, community and statutory sectors with an interest in play and our work.