Parenting Week is lead by Parenting NI, celebrated from 16 – 20 October this year, to recognise and celebrate all those in a parenting role.

This year’s theme is the Positivity of Parenting – acknowledging the positive impact parents have on their children’s lives, fostering love, support, and growth. It encourages parents and communities to celebrate the strengths, resilience and dedication of parents, as the backbone of families and communities.

PlayBoard has teamed up with Parenting NI to share play ideas for parents and children to enjoy together during Parenting Week.

Spending quality time together enjoying playful activities is beneficial for children in many ways including developing strong bonds, boosting health and happiness, and helping the development of many skills.

Read our Play for Parents Guide for more on the importance of play as well as providing ideas to help you have fun in your everyday play adventures with your children. The resource includes the ages, stages and types of play; play throughout childhood; play types; play whatever the season; risk and challenges; and fun ideas to try.