We have collated a bunch of play ideas and activities for this year’s NEW Summer of Play Challenge.

Play is important for children and young people at any time of the year, but during the summer months when the days are longer and the sun is shining, there are more opportunities than ever for children and young people to get out and play.

Our new Summer of Play Challenge can be downloaded and printed so children and young people can tick off the activities as they give them a go, keeping a record of a fun summer of play.

Download pdf here.

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Summer of Play Challenge 2023

  1. Play hopscotch
  2. Play in the rain
  3. Try roller-skating
  4. Make a cosy den in your garden
  5. Learn to bake
  6. Organise a sports tournament
  7. Make perfume
  8. Learn a new skill – cartwheels, knitting, juggling
  9. Have an egg and spoon race
  10. Go wildlife spotting
  11. Make a new friend
  12. Create a fairy house
  13. Grow herbs
  14. Make wind chimes and hang outside
  15. Build a playful city using recycling
  16. Be an astronomer for a night – search for planets and constellations from your garden
  17. Plan a new board game
  18. Create a new song and dance routine
  19. Visit your local library
  20. Search for shapes in the clouds.