Taking place on the first Wednesday in August each year, Playday is always a highlight of the play calendar across the UK.

The theme for this year’s campaign is:

Play – the culture of childhood
Supporting play, fun and friendships

This year’s theme celebrates the rich and lively culture of children’s play. Every child plays – playfulness is a distinct feature of behaviour across generations and cultures. Playing generates a culture of childhood.

Playing is vital for children’s health, happiness, and creativity. Through play:

  • children develop a sense of, and value for culture
  • cultural exploration is encouraged, fostering an appreciation for diversity
  • children work together, negotiate, and build relationships.
  • children feel connected to each other and their neighbourhoods
  • children create and pass on games, songs and stories.

Play is every child’s right – on Playday and every day.

Find out more about Playday and how to get involved on 7 August on the Playday website www.playday.org.uk

Playday is coordinated by PlayBoard, Play England, Play Scotland, and Play Wales.