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Building the capacity of youth workers in youth settings to facilitate play for their younger members.

  • Training, resources, and support to help youth workers across Ireland better meet play needs in their setting

  • Facilitated by PlayBoard’s experienced staff team, offering one-to-one support

  • Developed in collaboration with the Education Authority.


PlayBoard’s pilot Youth@Play programme, supported by the Education Authority (EA), clearly identified the need for playwork training, and its potential impact in raising the play offer in the participating youth settings. Youth work qualifications have typically focused on the 13+ age group so this programme sets out to enhance opportunities to develop additional knowledge towards a better understanding of playwork and play-based approaches.

Following the success of the Youth@Play pilot, this current delivery will run from August 2023 to March 2024.

The Youth@Play team in PlayBoard deliver Playwork in a Youth Work Setting to youth work employees and volunteers in the statutory and voluntary sector in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The training will give youth workers the capacity to better meet the play needs of members – particularly the younger ones.

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Better understanding of play and increased recognition of its importance in the youth setting


Embedding playwork approaches to enhance delivery of the youthwork curriculum


Enriched play environment and improved play offer for the children and young people attending the youth setting


Increased enjoyment and opportunities for children and young people to interact


Enhanced relationships between youth workers and children and young people.

Training – Playwork In A Youth Work Setting

  • Playful, practical and interactive training sessions

  • 6 hours (1 training session, 1 play modelling session) delivered online or face-to-face to suit your needs

  • Facilitated by PlayBoard’s experienced staff team, offering one-to-one support

  • Suitable for full-time and part-time youth work employees and volunteers in the statutory and voluntary sector across Ireland

  • Best suited for whole staff teams

  • The training explores: play, playwork, and its relationship with youth work; the impact on, and importance of play for children and young people; the elements of a play-enriched youth setting, how to support it, and the role of the adult

  • Costs vary depending on location – get in touch to discuss your needs.

Engaging With Children And Young People

Play is essential for children and young people’s physical health and mental well-being, and for their all-round development.

70% of youth setting attendees are aged up to 13 years*. The Youth@Play project is built on the recognition that play is the most effective way of engaging with these younger members in youth settings.

Project participants will gain a better understanding of play and play-based approaches and explore practical ways to make play happen in their setting. Our focused training programme will enable youth workers to better meet the play needs of the growing number of younger members attending youth settings.

Youth settings offer a great opportunity for young people to have their play needs met. Young people need to play and youth workers can play a big part in making that happen!

* A Statistical and Geographic Report of the EA Registered Youth Service, 2018.


Project Reach


OCN NI Level 1

OCN NI Level 1 playwork training to 85 senior members within youth work settings


OCN NI Level 2

OCN NI Level 2 playwork training to over 55 volunteer and part-time youth work staff


OCN NI Level 3

OCN NI Level 3 playwork training to 45 youth work staff


Play Training

Play training to 98 youth workers, supporting play-based delivery over the summer months


Play Audits

Play audits in 32 youth work settings, providing guidance on the enhancement of settings to better support play-based approaches


Youth Workers’ Feedback

“The programme gave me opportunities to meet youth workers from different clubs and create a better network of resources. It has also given us all great examples of how we can integrate play within our centres when working with the development of young people, and how important play can be to a child.”

“Having participated in the programme I understand how crucial it is to have play intertwined into the daily routine of children and young people. It contributes to their social, emotional and physical development. I can use playwork methods as a process of engagement that can assist change in the lives of the children and young people I work alongside.”

“Taking part has allowed me to come out of my comfort zone and helped me to understand how to engage with young people.”

100% of junior leaders who completed the Level 1 training agreed or strongly agreed that play was important, with 96% agreeing or strongly agreeing that play needs to be child-led.


  • Embedding play in youth settings  – guidance and support for youth workers as they seek to build upon and develop the play offer within their setting. The resource discusses the importance of play in the youth setting and provides practical resources and tools to help youth workers make play happen in their setting.

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