Running 1-7 February, Children’s Mental Health Week this year is based around the theme Express Yourself and the creative ways children can share their thoughts and feelings and feel good about themselves.

Play is crucial to children’s healthy development and happiness and is vital for children’s mental health and wellbeing. Time spent playing is the natural way for children to express themselves. It gives children the opportunity to work things out and make sense of the world around them in a safe environment. Play can help children manage their feelings and build a wide range of skills such as self-confidence and resilience. Children can use their imaginations and get creative, let off steam and most importantly have fun!

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PlayBoard Resources

Read – Fostering resilience through play

Read – Nurture your child’s mental health through play

Watch – How to help our children overcome anxiety

PlayBoard Webinar – How To Help Our Children Overcome Anxiety

OUR Generation

PlayBoard is one of seven regional organisations working to deliver the OUR Generation project. The PEACE IV funded project is an opportunity for communities, north and south of the Border, to work together to halt the intergenerational impact of trauma and to build emotional resilience and peace.

Focusing on School Age Childcare projects with the Urban Village Areas (North, South, East and West Belfast, and Derry/Londonderry) and through a range of practical and playful exercises, PlayBoard aims to build resilience in children and young people by recognising and celebrating difference, in turn supporting their positive mental health and well-being.

Find out more about OUR Generation and the training and play sessions on offer.

Funding for the OUR Generation project has been awarded through the European Union’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by SEUPB.

Place2Be launched the first ever Children’s Mental Health Week in 2015 to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. Now in its seventh year, Place2Be hopes to encourage more people than ever to get involved and spread the word.

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